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BIP utilises the local and global asset management skills of local and global asset managers, as well as research from Bank Credit Analyst, t h e l e a d i n g p r o v i d e r o f independent investment research.
53a150b2d8bbb20c0e20314f_Capita_Final-HIGH-2_09.jpgFinancial advice by Capita (does then advice component not rest with Capitaux Financial Services Trust)
53a150b2d8bbb20c0e20314f_Capita_Final-HIGH-2_09.jpgDiscretionary manager of the Capita BCI funds and wrap solutions – Capita Asset Management Trust
53a150b2d8bbb20c0e20314f_Capita_Final-HIGH-2_09.jpgManager selection and portfolio construction by Capita and BIP
53a150b2d8bbb20c0e20314f_Capita_Final-HIGH-2_09.jpgPortfolio administration by Maitland and Silica (this points to Capita BCI funds only and not the wraps – on wraps portfolio admin are done my the respective LISP)
53a150b2d8bbb20c0e20314f_Capita_Final-HIGH-2_09.jpg Appointed underlying Asset Managers (e.g Prudential, Coronation, etc)
Capita Asset Management manages its local and offshore portfolios using proven decision making processes. Its management philosophy is supported by the experience of its investment partners. We partner with reputable brands that are all industry leaders in what they do.
One such partner is Boutique Investment Partners (BIP) who consults with Capita in terms of the management and administration of Capita's portfolios.
About Boutique Investment Partners (BIP)
Boutique Investment Partners (BIP) is a specialised advisory unit and works in association with Capita Asset Management Trust to provide professional advice on managing wrap portfolios as well as Capita BCI Unit Trust funds.
BIP has extensive experience in the institutional management of investment funds, on both local and global assets.

Capita has full access to the BIP skills set including:
• asset allocation determination; 
• asset manager evaluation; and 
• Fund selection and blending into portfolios.